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HIIT Cardio Strength Block Circuit

I like to get as much bang out of my buck when I exercise. As a mom I have very little free time, so every extra minute adds up. Before kids I could easily put in 2.5 hours a day to workout. Then the babies came and 2.5 hour works became more of an afterthought than reality. However, do you really need 2.5+ hours to get and stay in shape? I think that’s a big fat NO!!! I am way more comfortable in my body today, post babies, than I ever was while running 70+ miles a week. What really worked and got me back in shape post babies, was by combining high intensity cardio and strength training into my daily routine.This at home HIIT workout is great for moms on the go. The combination of cardio endurance exercises and full body strength moves will keep your body burning calories long after your workout. So…put the kids to sleep, pull up your hair, crank the music up (enough not to wake the babies) and get ready to push yourself. My goal is for you to leave this workout asking yourself, “WHAT THE FOLK JUST HAPPENED?”


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