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Pre and Post Natal Full Body Obstacle Course

Calling all my strong willed, competitive, and fit Momma’s out there… this workout’s for you! Whether you’re a newly pregnant momma-to-be, or fellow momma trying to get back in shape, this HIIT obstacle course is a great format for staying fit and strong all year long! Yes it was hard, yes I was drenched in sweat, but by the end of the workout I felt great and energized. 

For my super fit ladies carrying babies I challenge you to try this. For all my fit ladies crushing it every day let me know what you think! (This obstacle course is just a beginning to lots of other great full body circuits safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy)

How it works:

5 Rounds of each exercise

30 seconds on as hard as possible followed by a

15 second break

*Do as many or as little exercises as you feel up to.

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